Thursday, October 18, 2018

Another True Story

It was almost noon today and I still hadn't found the picture of the day. Then as I was walking out of the woods I saw activity under the pines.  It was a lot of little ruby crowned kinglets and chickadees and sparrows and wrens.  A real find.  I slowly made my way under the pine tree and got into position to photograph anybody.  But nobody moved.  And not a peep.  They were all in there, all protecting themselves, all thinking they could wait me out.  I waited and waited and waited and nothing.  Oh they are so clever....  So, I decided to start talking to them.  In a gentle voice saying, "Come on out you guys.  I really want to take your picture. Come on.  Don't be shy.  I am just here to be your friend.  Come on out...." And that kind of stuff.  And believe it or not, they soon started to come out.  First one, then another, then another  They knew I was there.  I could even take photographs.  They were shy, but they were very curious too.  That's how I got this little cutie (ruby crowned kinglet) to come pretty close, look right into my lens and give me a little curious smile.

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