Thursday, October 18, 2018

This is a TOTALLY TRUE Story

I got to the small parking lot across the street and down the hill from Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge about 9:00 a.m.  yesterday.  Soon after I got out of the car and had the camera set up on the tripod I could see a red tailed hawk flying towards me in the distance.  I got hurriedly out to the field and could see a second hawk.  They were playing together in the sky.  Following each other in big sweeps and close calls.  Then one sort of scooped down to the ground in a funny flight pattern.  When he came back up I could see he had picked up a mouse and a lot of dead brush.  I got a few not great photos.  But then the two of them came together again - the one with the mouse above the other about 20 feet.  Then the one above dropped the mouse right in front of the one below.  The second hawk caught the mouse in mid air - right in front of me.  I said "WOW" out loud it was so cool.  I didn't get the shot, but I was unbelievably impressed at the acrobatics of these two.  And I wondered if hawks actually play pitch and catch.  So darn cool!!!