Sunday, August 24, 2014

Yumiko Takes Off for NYU

It was a happy sad day today.  Our wonderful, beautiful, kind, sweet little girl grew up and left the nest.  We packed up our friend Barbara Reid's SUV with all of Yumiko's stuff for NYU and drove her to New York City today.  All went smoothly until we had to leave and I started crying, then Yumiko started crying, then Ken, then Barbara.  But in the end, we all hugged and kissed and said good bye and now begins the new chapter.  Talked to Yumiko on the phone when we got back and she was with a new friend in the cafeteria having the time of her life. We will all survive.... maybe.....
Yumiko and the Packed Car
Yumiko and Kitty (with new perm where rollers were left on a bit too long.)

Yumiko, Ken and Barbara Reid
Yumiko still with a few tears in her eyes and new roommate Raquel

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