Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Evening and the Little Bird

It's Monday evening.  Yumiko has just returned from ballet practice and she hit the sack early.  She is in the midst of taking the "ERB" tests at school.  She has a test every day this week. Ugh....  Ken just finished his exercising and is now working on his computer and I too am here at the kitchen table trying to think of something clever to talk about.  Tomorrow is "Girl's Day" in Japan.  Not sure what we will do tomorrow about that, but yesterday we celebrated all the girls in the Kono clan at a wonderful dinner at Ken's sister's house.  She had a big party for the three of us and her two son's, their wives and all their children.  She made Shabu Shabu.  Shabu Shabu is a "hot pot" dish where you dip many different Japanese vegetables and thin slices of beef into a steaming pot of broth.  Then you take the vegetables and beef out of the pot and dip them into either of two sauces - a soy like sauce only more citrusy or a sesame sauce.  It was so good and I ate too much as usual.  So good.  

On the photography front, this week our assignment is to take "emotional" landscapes.  I was out this morning looking for some emotion, but only came across a little baby bird who posed for me and let me take a lot of photos.  Here's one for your viewing pleasure.  If you click on it, you can see him a little better

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  1. Good job to looking for some emotional landscape. A noisy and naughty bird called is Hyodori (Jpn) or Brown-eared Bulbul (Eng) or Hypsipetes amaurotis. It always occupies the free restaurant in my garden and chases away other little birds and says loudly: "I'am strong, I win!"