Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Back to the Long Eared Owls

Yesterday I went back to the Owl woods and found six of them all roosting together and all kind of wishing I would just go away.  When I first got there and looked down from the top of the cliff with my camera I scared them and one blew up to at least twice his original size (see photo below and click for full effect.)  I guess he was trying to scare me back.  I again started talking to them in a soft voice and slid slowly down the cliff on my backside while holding the big lens.  I was able to slowly walk around to face them and get a good enough view to avoid all the twigs and leaves they were hiding behind.  Oh my, it is just amazing to see these beautiful creatures so close.  I have to restrain myself and give them space and not go back for a while so they will stay.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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