Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Long Eared Owls

I went back to Valley Forge and the little grove of trees where I found the owls yesterday.  I read in my bird book that these little long eared owls are very elusive and camouflage themselves so well.  I wondered if they would still be there.  I went into the grove and waited quietly for a few minutes.  Finally one flew across the floor of the deep valley in the grove.  It was hard to find him, but I did.  I started photographing but there were so many branches I knew I would have to get closer and get a better angle.  I also knew I could easily scare them.  So I just decided to start talking to them very quietly but constantly and soothingly so they might relax.  AND IT WORKED.  It took me about an hour but I slowly worked my way down to the floor of the valley sliding down the side of the cliff on my butt while holding my big camera up and all the time talking to the birds.  They just stayed and stared.  I got almost too close, but I had to get low and point the camera up or the branches would get in the way.  Finally I got there, took a million pictures, thanked the little guys so much for their patience and kindness and came home a happy camper.

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