Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lifting of My Heart

I stayed away from my owl house for a few days this past week, but today I got lonely and went back.  When I got there - nothing.  Not a sound and not a bird.  My heart sank.  Oh, those owls were so spectacular and I must have scared them away.  I was truly heart broken.  I decided to still descend down to the bottom of the little cliff just in case.  I started talking again to what I thought was no one.  And then.... there they were.  But this time, not just six, but SEVEN long eared owls.  I felt such a wave of relief and restored faith.  Oh, what a thrill to see them again.  I think (or maybe I'm just dreaming) they may be kind of getting used to me, as they all stayed calm and didn't fly around.  They just sat on their perches and basically slept or opened their eyes just a little. Here are a few shots from today. (Click photo for better view.)

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