Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Owls and Bluebirds

Great day in Valley Forge.  I was stalking a buck and decided to hide in the woods so he wouldn't see me.  As I walked I noticed some bluebirds in the brush and was able to catch one eyeing a red berry.

After a few minutes the bluebird flew away and I just waited quietly for him to return, but instead I heard and saw a bit of commotion in the midst of all the branches in the brush.  I looked closely and couldn't believe that I was seeing a great horned owl.  But it wasn't just one owl, but FOUR!!  I've only seen one owl once years ago and to see four was such a thrill.  See three of the four in the photograph below.  They are pretty well camouflaged. Final photo is the owl as I was leaving the brush area.

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