Monday, February 2, 2009

Almost Arrested at the Meiji Shrine

Yesterday I walked to the Meiji Shrine to see if I could get a good photograph of one of the interior hallways within the shrine itself.  My photo school assignment this week is "Window Light" and I remembered seeing good "window light" at the Meiji Shrine.  I took my camera and my tripod and ventured forth.  Now I must tell you a few months ago I had gone to the Meiji Shrine with my tripod and a policeman had stopped me and told me that I could not use my tripod.  I could take photographs, but use of the tripod was not allowed under any circumstances.  I thought at the time he told me this because I had the tripod set up and was taking pictures of HIM.  And I thought he didn't like having his picture taken and that made him a little cranky, so he told me no tripod.  Since then, I have been very careful to keep the tripod laid low, especially when I encounter the Meiji Shrine police.

So anyway, while I found good window light yesterday at the Meiji Shrine hallway, there was another policeman there who looked me over rather suspiciously and I decided it was not a good time to take out the tripod.  So I didn't get the shot.  But after leaving the Shrine, but still in the Shrine park, I came upon two tall beautiful trees whose trunks looked as if they were giants walking.  I set up the tripod and took their picture.  When I got home,  I looked at the picture and wished I had created a little more space around the trunk of the first tree. (See photo)  I got up early this morning and was determined to go back to the Meiji Shrine - not for window light - but to take a better shot of the giants walking.  By the time I got to the trees, the light was not good and I did not get the shot.  So I walked out of the Meiji Shrine Park and ran right smack dab into the same cranky policeman who had told me a while back not to take my tripod into the Shrine Park.  Seeing my tripod, he gave me the once over.  But I don't think he remembered me.  However, he once again said, "No tripod!"   Oh boy.... I was never good at following all the rules.

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