Friday, February 13, 2009

Busy Day at the Doctor's Office

We had a busy day today.  I woke up early and took the 5:18 a.m. subway to the Imperial Palace to try and find great light for dawn photographs.  I got a few - nothing earth shattering.  Came home by 7:30.  Yumiko was a little sick with fever and cough and stomach ache.  Not good as she has her big ballet recital tomorrow.  After breakfast Ken and I went to a father and son dentist and sat side by side in the dentist's office.  I had the father dentist who was very good and didn't force me to say a word.  Ken had the son dentist who never stopped talking the whole time.  I laughed and laughed to myself hearing Ken trying to respond to his dentist with all that equipment in his mouth.  After the dentist, we took Yumiko to see a doctor and he diagnosed that she has a little virus that has to run its course.  Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow.

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