Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Arisugowa And Accupuncture

Today, after breakfast, I walked with Yumiko to school and then veered off into Arisugowa Park.  Arisugowa is a beautiful park filled with streams and paths and steps and waterfalls and beautiful trees.  I go there a lot.    Today I met my friend Joe - a woman from Taiwan who feeds the stray cats and crows and birds.  She is great lady with a heart of gold.  She was pinning oranges into the trees for the birds and they were gathering all around her as they know she is their best friend.  I took some pictures of the tree tops with my new wide angle lens.  I'll post a photo here for your viewing pleasure.  

This afternoon Ken and I took a $40 taxi ride to the other side of Tokyo for an appointment with an acupuncturist.  Ken said it was a good visit and he actually felt a lot better afterwards - less pressure in his head and his arms and legs didn't feel so stiff.  We then took the subway back home through Shibuya station - a lot cheaper than the taxi.  It's now about 8:30. We had a marvelous salmon dinner cooked by yours truly and then all three of us took a wonderful bath in the deep ofuro in our apartment (separately - don't get any ideas!)  Another day - come and gone.

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