Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ballet and Blossoms

It has been quite a weekend.  Yesterday - Valentine's Day - was Yumiko's ballet performance at U-Port theatre in downtown Tokyo.  We were worried that she might be too sick to perform.  She's never ever sick, but two days ago, she woke up sick as a dog with a fever, cough, headache and pale as a ghost.  We went to the doctor's office  and he prescribed some antibiotics and lo and behold, she rallied.  Her performance was magical.  She is just a wonderful little ballerina.  I wanted to take photos of the performance, but it was strictly prohibited.  So..... I am including a few  "light" photos from early this morning and later this afternoon.  This includes an egrit and a few crows from Yoyogi Park, magnolia blooming on Omotosando, and some early cherry blossoms against the sky in Aoyama Cemetery.  We can feel Spring in the air. Hallelujah!!

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