Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend and Week Ahead

On Saturday we visited a "Cat Cafe" in downtown Tokyo.  A Cat Cafe is a place where you go in, have a cup of coffee and pet the many cats who are wondering around the room.  Not as much fun as you would think.  I kind of felt sorry for the cats and they, in turn, were not very interested in me or Yumiko or any of the customers. 

Today we took the subway to Hanzomen to take some photos at the main gate of the Imperial Palace.  Here is a picture of Yumiko just in front of the bridge to the palace.

Tomorrow Yumiko leaves for a five day ski trip with her 7th grade class.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that all will go well.  Ken and I also leave tomorrow for a few days in a hot spring hotel (onsen) in the town of Atagawa on the Izu Penninsula.  Can't get over how much I love these hot springs.  Who would believe!!

Anyway, we'll be back on Thursday.  In the meantime - have fun.

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